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23 May 2022 - 10:00 - 28 lots
Realised £1,200

Lot 9

KANWALDEEP SINGH KANG aka 'NICKS' (1964 - 2007) Framed, signed 'Nicks', dated '99, oil on canvas, titled verso, 'Yvette', three quarter length portrait of a standing female nude, with red hair, 136cm x 90.5cm,

Realised £24

Lot 10

THOMAS ROWDEN, 'Returning Flock - Dartmoor (1901)' Watercolour, framed and signed, approx. 52cm x 38cm

Realised £30

Lot 26

Two BETTY HECKFORD, one framed, signed, oil on canvas, titled ‘Onions and Poppy Heads’ on verso, still life of onions and poppy heads, approx 24cm x 45cm, together with one framed, signed, oil on board, titled ‘Lizzie’ on verso, dog lying on an

Realised £24

Lot 29

Newton H. Oil on canvas portrait of a man in profile, signed. Approx. 31cm x 41cm

Realised £120

Lot 30

A W.Hart oil on canvas portrait of young lady with hand fan, W41cms x L49cms.

Realised £18

Lot 36

RANA RIEDL, still life oil on canvas 'Flower Study, framed and signed, details to back. Approx. 76 cm x 65 cm

Realised £17

Lot 37

Seven pen and ink pictures depicting various matadors, by Charles Messent, signed together with an oil on board matador and bull by Charles Messent, signed

Realised £1

Lot 38

4 Framed Prints, to include, "the industrious cottager" F. WHEATLEY, Horse in profile WENDY DARKER, "between the tide" WALTER LANGLEY. Approx. Of largest, 74 cm x 53 cm

Realised £22

Lot 39

Three pen and ink works on paper depicting scenes such as the French Market by Charles Messent, signed

Realised £26

Lot 40

Four oil on canvas paintings depicting various people and a building scene by Charles Messent, signed

Realised £65

Lot 41

Four pen and ink watercolour paintings depicting various scenes and people in Cairo 1943 by Charles Messent, signed and framed.

Realised £30

Lot 42

Two BETTY HECKFORD, oil on canvas, signed and framed, both depicting wooden fences laced with metal wiring and barbed wire (with label including details of The Royal Academy Exhibition 1978). Approx. 79cm x 59 cm, for both.

Realised £75

Lot 44

Seven pen and ink watercolour paintings by Charles Messent, signed

Realised £22

Lot 45

Five pen and ink and mixed media pictures by Charles Messent, signed

Realised £30

Lot 46

CHARLES MESSENT, framed, oil on board, women by a river, approx 37cm x 43cm.

Realised £60

Lot 48

ISAAC COOKE (1846 - 1922). Framed, signed and titled ‘Old Cottage and Farmstead at Llanbedr’, watercolour on paper, buildings in rural Welsh landscape, 33cm x 51cm.

Realised £18

Lot 51

BETTY HECKFORD, framed, signed, dated 1985, titled ‘angela’, mixed media, woman sitting on chair with table to background, approx 39cm x 53cm.

Realised £18

Lot 55

Three prints, framed, to include BRUEGEL "the village feast", M.J. HOWLEY "sunset over Pendle" signed and numbered, RENOIR "on the terrace". Largest approx. 80cm x 54cm

Realised £12

Lot 56

JOHN EDWARDS, framed and signed, oil on canvas, "Crenver" approx.57cm x 46cm (ARR)

Realised £44

Lot 59

ANNE HUDSON, framed signed, multimedia, chalk, gouache fingerpainting, depicting three abstract cats leering. Approx. 80cm x 27.5cm.

Realised £24

Lot 61

Four framed and signed multimedia, three oil on board, S. OLIVER, all depicting mountain scenes with one including details to back "Crib Goch y Wyddea (Snowdon)" c.1939, together with PR MEWBURN. watercolour on paper "Winstone Church Gloucestershire"

Realised £48

Lot 63

DONALD SHEPPARD. Framed late 20th Century oil on canvas, landscape with cattle grazing near stream with two ladies and a young girl, copy of Myles Birket Foster's 'The Footpath by the Waterlane', 100cm x 74.5cm.

Realised £30

Lot 69

GRIANT, framed, signed, oil on canvas depicting a mountain river scene. Approx. 59cm x 46cm

Realised £17

Lot 73

Oil painting on board, framed and signed indistinctly, depicting a scene of a street with an open fresh produce shop and passers by. Approx. 67cm x 52cm

Realised £12

Lot 84

A collection of 8 etchings together with one pencil sketch of horses in a field, to include 'The Clyde', several town or city scenes. Largest approx. 31cm x 30cm.

Realised £6

Lot 87

A collection of George Rowney & co. Pastel Pencils with carrying box. Approx. 48cm x 36cm

Realised £70

Lot 88

A model 2412 Etching Press, to include original instructions and carrying case.

Realised £18

Lot 91

Two watercolours on paper, framed and signed indistinctly, depicting street scenes in 'Frankfurt' and in 'Strasburg' together with a print of Notre Dame, framed and signed indistinctly with stamped corner of HT Print Association. Largest approx.