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January Jewellery, Interiors Auction

20 January 2023 - 10:00 - 242 lots
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Realised £48

Lot 1

A hallmarked yellow gold ruby cluster ring, ring size, together with a photo pendant

Realised £100

Lot 3

A hallmarked 9ct yellow gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, ring size M1/2,

Realised £220

Lot 5

A stamped 585 opal link bracelet of 11 opals, approx. length 18cms. Backs of each link are open to reveal opals

Realised £75

Lot 6

A stamped 9k emerald ring with diamond accents either side, ring size M 1/2,

Realised £120

Lot 8

A hallmarked 9ct yellow gold raised design cluster ring, central diamond approx. 0.25cts, surrounded by 8 turquoise stones, approx. ring size S,

Realised £66

Lot 11

A hallmarked silver quaich with decorative handles, approx.diameter 12cms, approx. weight 161gms

Realised £90

Lot 12

A collection of silverware some hallmarked, to include a dressing table set of a hand mirror, hairbrush, two clothes brushes, a weighted and candle holder, a letter opener, pin dish, small trophy on plinth and three decanter labels

Realised £60

Lot 13

A collection of silver plate to include, trays, ladle, jugs, candle holders, basket style bon bon dish

Realised £42

Lot 16

A two handled white metal engraved goblet with handles depicting Llamas.

Realised £30

Lot 17

A collection of hallmarked silverware to include, a shoe horn, button hooks, glove stretchers ( in box)

Realised £110

Lot 18

A hallmarked 14ct yellow gold sapphire and opal cluster ring, ring size M½.

Realised £30

Lot 19

A Rotary wristwatch, data aperture to 3 o'clock, on bracelet strap

Realised £40

Lot 21

A pearl style pendant on chain with various clip and screw on stud earrings, an oval decorative pendant and child's spoon and scoop

Realised £25

Lot 22

A collection of costume jewellery to include, brooches, pendant, cufflinks, powder compact, a 1965 Churchill coin, silver Jubilee coin and a Commemorative coin

Realised £330

Lot 23

Eight hallmarked silver serving spoons

Realised £20

Lot 24

A Merlin Products (Eng) leather bound table lighter - The Cyclop.

Realised £360

Lot 25

A hallmarked silver teapot, approx. weight 943 gms

Realised £460

Lot 26

A hallmarked silver wooden handled coffee pot, approx. weight 670gms with a hallmarked silver wooden handled water jug, approx. total weight 576 gms

Realised £200

Lot 27

A collection of hallmarked silver to include, a salt shaker, ash tray, milk jug and champagne coater with wooden base , approx. total weight 560gms

Realised £220

Lot 28

A collection of hallmarked silver to include, two napkin rings, mustard pot, salt pot both with spoons, miniature jug, pepper mill, egg cup, approx. total weight 433gms and a pair of weighted candle sticks, approx. total weight 468gms

Realised £420

Lot 29

Five hallmarked silver goblets, approx. height 14cms, approx. total weight 840gms

Realised £130

Lot 30

A pair of Berg made in Denmark three branch candlesticks, approx. height 20cms

Realised £25

Lot 32

A collection of silver plate to include, various sized mats, trays, jug, candelabra with a tankard

Realised £30

Lot 34

A quantity of costume jewellery to include, earrings, beaded necklaces, brooches, fancy rings etc

Realised £50

Lot 35

A hallmarked 9ct yellow gold opal and sapphire cluster ring, ring size I

Realised £55

Lot 36

A hallmarked 9ct yellow gold three stone diamond ring of twist design, approx. total diamond weight 0.24cts, ring size I

Realised £200

Lot 39

A collection of various white metal jewellery, to include bangles, bracelets, chains, an ingot pendant, pendants etc., some hallmarked, some stamped and some unmarked.

Realised £20

Lot 41

A box containing a large quantity of costume jewellery to include bracelets, beads etc

Realised £30

Lot 42

A box containing a large quantity of costume jewellery, to include, bracelets, necklaces, beads etc

Realised £38

Lot 47

An Astron Gent's wristwatch on bracelet strap and a William Hunt Gent's wristwatch on leather strap

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